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Arabian Bugshan Group training department provides overall training functions to staff and the customers.

Training Facility
ABG training office’s is located in Riyadh Dammam & Jeddah, equipped with all necessary training equipment. Being Jeddah the head office for training, where most of the staff & customers are trained.

Staff Training
The training department provides a wide range of training activity to staff in different departments, including developing basic skills, product technical knowledge and product up-date.

Regular product training is given by the manufactures to staff in order to keep them up-dated with the latest product information:

In House Training (Including Hands-on-training, Service, Parts & Sales training)

  • Hands-on-Training
  • PC200-7 Operation & Maintenance.
  • Hydraulic Breaker Structure & Maintenance
  • WD420-3 Structure & Maintenance
  • HD605-7R Assembly procedure
  • Bulldozers Operation & Maintenance
  • Main products for new engineers
  • Forklift Sales training
  • Deutz EMR3
  • Bomag BW212D-40 & Paver BF691
  • Sales training (PC200-7, WA470-3,
    • D275A-5 & GD705A-4)
  • Basic electricity
  • Deutz 2009 engine
  • Deutz 2011 engine
  • Furukawa Hydraulic Breaker
  • Atlas Copco Hydraulic Breaker
  • Service dept responsibility and reporting.
  • Structure & function of:
    • Bulldozer, Hex, W/Loader & Grader
    • Komatsu & Deutz engines
    • Bomag.

Customer Training
Customer training is mainly for training to provide the operators on operating a machine in a correct functional way that keeps the machine life in good condition and with no major maintenance problems. This specifically meets our customers training needs which enables them to get the maximum performance from the equipment. Yearly around 600 persons from our customers end (Commercial & Government) acquire training for ABG Training Department.

Training Courses
Company introduction & Main products.
Service dept responsibility & reporting.
Structure & Function of :

  • Bulldozer, Hyd Excavator, W/Loader & Grader.
  • Komatsu & Deutz engines.
  • Bomag.

Major Customers Attended:

  • EPCC
  • Al Ayuni
  • Al Ajmi
  • Al Osais
  • Border Guard
  • MOT (Ministry of Transport)
  • MOM (Shagra / Muzahmya)
  • Al Fahad EST
  • Hassan Al Qubaishi
  • Burma Trading Co
  • Zuman Al Hajry

Komatsu Machines Touched

  • D375A-5
  • D275A-5 - WA700-3
  • D155A-2 - WA470-3
  • D65E-12 - WA420-3
  • PC400-7 - WD420-3
  • PC200-7
  • GD705A-4
  • HD605-7R


  • Bomag
  • BW212D-40
  • BW202AD-4